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Firefox today announced the launch of Firefox 100, the newest version of the popular browser that serves as an alternative to Safari and Chrome. Firefox 100 brings new features for both mobile devices and the desktop to enhance the browsing experience.

On Macs, Firefox 100 supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) video for higher-fidelity video content. The feature requires a Mac with an HDR-compatible display that’s running macOS 11 or later. Also new to the desktop, there are subtitles and captions when using Picture-in-Picture mode. Subtitles and captions are available on websites that support the WebVTT format, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video.

A new language switching feature allows Firefox to detect a device’s language preference and ask whether a user would like to switch to their preferred language, and credit card autofill functionality has now expanded to the UK, France, and Germany.

As for iOS devices, the update brings clutter-free history and clutter-free tabs for better organization, plus it includes new browser wallpapers for personalization. The history feature groups history items by the original item, so you can, for example, find all the websites you visited under a specific search term. History is also now searchable.

To cut down on tab clutter, Firefox for iOS will now focus on recent tabs in the tab tray to make it easier to swap between what’s current. When a tab hasn’t been visited in 14 days, it is moved to an “inactive state” in the tab tray. In that situation, the tab is available, but out of the way until you need it.

The updated version of Firefox for Macs can be downloaded from the Firefox website, and the iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store. The iOS features will be available later this week.

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