Media polarisation risks press freedom and peace in conflict-hit Mali and Ethiopia | Kristin Skare Orgeret and Bruce Mutsvairo

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When media rights are curtailed, fake news and posts on social platforms drive tension and violence, as the latest World Press Freedom Index starkly shows

The media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released the 20th edition of its World Press Freedom Index last week, in which it underscored “a twofold increase in polarisation amplified by information chaos.”

Media polarisation is emerging as one overarching hurdle inhibiting progress in conflict-marred regions of Africa, where it is also fast becoming an open threat to peace and security.

Dr Kristin Skare Orgeret is a professor in journalism and media studies at Oslo Metropolitan University, with a particular focus on media in conflict

Dr Bruce Mutsvairo is associate professor at Utrecht University and is investigating the impact of disinformation in exacerbating political conflict in Mali and Ethiopia

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