From bricks to bags to eco art: six innovative uses for plastic waste around the world

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From upcycled school benches in India to plant pots in Peru, people are finding enterprising and ingenious solutions to a perennial problem

When it rains in Uganda, plastic waste clogs street drains. For Faith Aweko, growing up in a slum in Kampala, the capital city, heavy downpours meant water flooding into the family home at the side of the road.

“During rainy seasons most of the roads here in Kampala are full of plastic bottles and bags because people dispose of plastic in trenches and gutters. This makes it hard for people like me in the slums,” says Aweko. Along with Shamim Naluyima and Rachel Mema, two women she met on a course on social innovation, she launched Reform Africa in 2018, turning plastic waste into waterproof bags.

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