Women behind the lens: a moment of tenderness in a violent world

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Adriana walked from Venezuela to Peru with her son, Mateo, a dangerous journey that ended in a daily fight for survival. She says all the risks she took were for her son

A few weeks after I returned to Peru in 2019, I read about the high numbers of femicides and sexual assaults that had occurred that year. The statistics didn’t include Venezuelan migrant women.

I knew I wanted to photograph this community without focusing on the violence that had become too common in their lives; it seemed unnecessary and traumatising. I also didn’t want to produce the same images we regularly see of migration.

I walked to Peru followed by journalists who photographed my son while we crossed the mountains of Colombia without shoes or a jacket. I was homeless in Venezuela, that is why I left. There are moments when I look back and realise we both could have died.”

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