For haemophiliacs, most of the world is still living in the dark ages

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A sufferer explains how the differences in treatment between the UK and his native India highlight a global medical apartheid

Like the Hindu deity Krishna, I was born with blue skin. My body bruised at the trauma of simply being held. And so the family arranged for a ritual to appease the gods. Haemophilia is a genetic blood disorder that makes it very hard for the body to stop bleeding. If your haemophilia is severe like mine, you bleed spontaneously, without an injury or known cause. A handshake once took me to A&E.

To stop bleeding, you need clotting injections. In much of the developing world, these injections are available only to the chosen few. Multinational corporations, such as Pfizer and Baxter, make money selling drugs at high prices in low-income countries.

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