No water. Little food. Shelters made of clothes: inside Somalia’s Bulo Garas camp

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The failure of the fourth rainy season in a row has left millions facing hunger, and growing numbers are seeking refuge in humanitarian camps. We report from the south-west, one of the worst-hit areas

Photographs: Gary Calton/the Observer

First the crops failed. Repeated droughts meant the Keer family could no longer grow the fruit and vegetables that once provided them with an income. Then their animals died. The herd of 40 goats dwindled to six. None of their cows survived. When the river ran dry, leaving them without water, the family agreed they had no choice but to leave their home in the village of Bootis, south-west Somalia.

The 65km journey to Bulo Garas camp, east of Baidoa in South West state’s Bay region, took four days. On the way, one of the donkeys pulling the family’s cart died. They hoped the camp would offer some relief from their situation.

A camp for internally displaced people near Baidoa, Somalia

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